Joyanta Mondal


Our research focuses on exploring innovative methods to precisely manipulate the structures of materials across various length scales. In the realm of heterogeneous catalysis, we investigate how hierarchical structures can enhance catalytic activity and selectivity, akin to the specialized features found in nature. Similarly, our work in nanomaterials delves into creating hierarchical architectures to achieve tailored properties and functionalities, drawing inspiration from the diverse structures observed in natural phenomena. In the realm of photodegradation, we aim to develop hierarchical nanostructures capable of efficient light absorption and photocatalytic activity for environmental remediation applications. Additionally, in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, our research endeavors in hydrogen production explore hierarchical materials design to optimize catalytic performance and stability, mirroring the intricate designs found in biological systems.


Room No. 218, Academic Building


All of these structures found in nature are formed by the so-called “bottom up” method, which is a self assembly of nano-scale building blocks into functional macroscopic structures. Taking advantage of their best properties individually and putting them together in a synergistic way is, however, not always an easy task for humankind. Our goal is to study and understand the fundamental principles of self- and guided- assembly of nano-“building blocks”, such as polymers, nanoparticles, cells, biomolecules, etc.


  • B.Sc. – Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Research Interest

  • Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Nanomaterials
  • Photodegradation
  • Hydrogen production


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